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30 day money back guarantee
If you implement and follow what I give you for 30 days and don't LOSE WEIGHT, GET ENERGIZED, OR FEEL STRONGER, I will refund your money back instantly, no questions asked!
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"Samantha motivates you while training so that you quickly see your body growing stronger, healthier and more resilient. She corrects your form using her winning smile so that you don't mind working harder. Whether you are punching, kicking or swimming you feel more energized, alert and vibrant during and after your workouts. In the end, if you've accomplished a new skill or improved on one, you feel better about yourself and you can see yourself attaining other personal goals easily."
- Anita D.
"When I first went to Samantha's place I had no idea what to expect. Being a way out of shape 42 year old man, all I knew was I needed some help to change my habits and to loose some weight I had accumulated from being sedimentary for years. I arrived and was met by a very polite, positive and nonjudgmental person who instantly made me comfortable being there. She did a full measurement, weight and fitness evaluation, we spoke about goals, and setup a two to three day a week training program. Samantha's training was a mixture of cardio, strength, a lot of core training, and even some boxing/martial arts to keep it interesting. Our sessions were always 1-1, no people watching, no phone calls, 100% commitment to the session. Every day of training was something different and challenging. After a few weeks she will have you gasping for breath for 50 minutes and enjoying every second of it. At the end of 6 weeks with Samantha I had dropped some 25 pounds and had a shape I hadn't seen in 20 years. Her supportive attitude, her skill, and commitment to your health--you won't find a better trainer anywhere."
- Kevin S.
"I started training with Samantha after my second daughter was born in 2010. After gaining 70+ lbs. During my pregnancy (yes that's right 70+lbs.) I was desperate to lose the baby weight as fast as possible. I had always been an active person and enjoyed working out, but Samantha brought my exercise routine to a whole new level! She helped me lose the baby weight and tone my whole body like I have never seen before! I really enjoy my training sessions with Sam, and now she is helping me lose weight from baby #3! She is very accommodating to my hectic schedule and even comes to my house to train me! I am loving my results that I am starting to see, and I'm so glad I have her as my trainer! I highly recommend her for all fitness levels, she will get your butt in gear there's no doubt about that!!!"
- Bethany R.
"About six months ago my brother introduced me to Sam. I was always the type of person who had a gym membership, used it occasionally, and then gave up. When I started to go to Sam, there were times when I thought I "couldn't" do something. She made that all change. There is no "can't" in my vocabulary. She motivates, pushes and makes you work harder than ever. I look forward to going to her class because I know when I leave, I am going to feel great. This year I am focusing on getting off of my blood pressure pills and becoming the best me I can possibly be. That is all because of Sam. If you are looking for someone who will motivate and push you, come to a class, you won't be sorry."
- Alicia C.
"I have just completed 3 months of Sam's bootcamp training. In this short amount of time, I have lost 30 lbs, 17 Inches - 8 of them from my stomach, and 18% Bodyfat. Sam is not just a instructor to me, she is a friend that helped me change my life. I recommend Sensei Fitness to anyone who not only wants to become a healthier person, but wants to gain a support system that will help you every step of the way. Any participant will tell you how you instantly become a member of the "bootcamp family". No words can express how truly grateful I am."
- Brian C.
"I started with Sam in March (2014) for the Flab to Fab Challenge. In the past 4.5 months I have added many new exercises that I quite simply couldn't perform at the beginning. I can honestly say that I'm a person who never enjoyed all! Now I look forward to every boot camp session and am disappointed when I can't make to one. All my fellow boot campers have become like another family, we all support and encourage one another, from the highest skilled to the lowest skilled. It's all about improving your fitness level at your own pace. I highly recommend Sensei Fitness to anyone looking for that strong "work" ethic and camaraderie."
- Judy F.
"When I first met Sam, I expected a similar experience with her like many other personal trainers. I was wrong!! Sam is dedicated and passionate with her clients and their success. Sam will push you into "beast" mode. I have always been active, but this takes me to another level of fitness. I look forward to the various classes and interactions with others. You are not alone on this journey and if you are looking for a coach, role model and innovator in the field of fitness, then Sensei Fitness is the place to be and Sam is the girl to have on your team! if you don't think so...disagree with me after 1 class! I think not!"
- Chantal D.
"This morning I put on a shirt that hasn't fit in 2 years and I have 1 hole left in my belt. To say I've been ecstatic about my experience with Sam is an understatement. Since starting with Sam (about 6 months or so) I've lost about 20 lbs and have made amazing gains in my strength and stamina. The best part about it has been how fun it's all been and how much Sam has really helped me to learn healthy and fit habits. Whether it's warming up with a butt kicking game of tag or sweating in puddles on sock'em saturday I've never been bored, and look forward to each and every class.

I would recommend Sensei Fitness to absolutely anyone at any fitness level, no question."

- Brian K.
"I've been training with Samantha for about 6 months now, over the course or 6 months she had help me build up my strength, develop more power on my exercises and my body feel better than it ever has. She instills confidence and make you want to push harder and harder on each workout. If your up for a hard, but very rewarding workout, I highly recommend Sensei Fitness."
- Matt C.
"I met Samantha approximately one year ago. At the time, I was going through a divorce and I felt like I needed to focus on my health. Therefore, one day I decided to research personal trainers using Google. I came across Samantha's profile and after reviewing her credentials, I decided to contact her. The rest is history! I have always been an active man who played sports and exercised moderately. However, Samantha has taken me to another level. She makes training fun, interesting and at the same time she pushes you to high levels of training. Every training session is unique in its own way. Samantha is a very caring individual who puts 100% compassion into her training routines. Thanks to Samantha, I am in the best shape of my life :)

With her help, I plan on taking my training to another level this year. I truly recommend Samantha to anyone who is seriously thinking about finding a personal trainer who is top notch!"

- Jimmy F.
"I met Sam through a mutual friend. I've never been the type of girl who goes to the gym, but forced myself to go over the years. I enjoy fitness classes, but you'd be hard pressed to find a gym where you can take only classes (and they're worth going to). Sam's bootcamp classes are like no other class I've been to... They're fun, challenging, incorporate games, and reinforce the power of teamwork. She is able to adjust each workout to fit each person's fitness level. I've made so many new friends and people who will motivate me to keep progressing towards my goals. Sam has helped me become a more active, healthier, better me! I recommend her classes to anyone, from people who just want to start moving all the way to those who want to take their fitness to the next level."
- Keri M.
"I have been training with Samantha since Jan ( three months) and have already seen a difference in my body, mood and energy level. She is patient and persistent ( even when I am not) and has a deep understanding of her client's psychology as well as their physiology. Both likeable and professional, she has never been late and mixes up the routine before I get a chance to get bored. Hiring Samantha as my trainer is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I would recommend her highly and with great enthusiasm to anyone who is invested in losing weight and getting fit."
- Sabrina D.