About Us

Samantha Florio, President & CEO

I have been a certified personal trainer for 9 years now and my training and philosophy has evolved, just as I have over the years.  I believe the key is to always continue to learn the why and how of everything, which has led me to a neurological based training and a nutrition model with the idea that energy and structure are interdependent, at every level.    

The training I do for myself has changed drastically as I recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter.  Since I have suffered from diastasis recti (separation of the abdomen muscles) I have had to change the way I approached my own training, so I can repair my muscles and make sure that they do not separate again, as they can easily do.  Health and fitness are a way of life, not something you just do when you show up to the gym.  While I may not look like I do in this picture right now, I am still healthy, happy, and have learned so much more while going through new experiences and contrasts in my own life.   

Health and fitness are my passion and I would love to help you redefine it in your own life as well.

Our Vision

The ultimate goal is to create a family atmosphere where people are able to exercise as they develop a strong comradery.  

Samantha Florio, President & CEO

Jim Florio, Jr., CFO

Angelina Florio, Inspirational Officer