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Starts on May 6th and runs for 12 weeks

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Sensei Fitness Challenge

Body Transformation


Beginning Monday, May 6th, we will be starting on the path to our new fitness body! Anyone who embarks on this journey will be winning, but there will only be one person who is crowned the winner and gets to win 3 FREE months of training for you AND a guest!* Come join my 12 week Sensei Fitness Body Transformation that will get you to start changing your negative thoughts about yourself to positive changes about your body and mind. Your goals will start to be about what you can GAIN, rather than what you can LOSE. In this 12 week challenge all of the guesswork has been eliminated! No more guessing at what to eat. No more guessing at what exercises work best for you and which ones are a waste of your valuable time. It is all done for you!

How Does This Work?


This program is so simple and yet exceptionally effective. You just come in to train at my private facility 3-5 times per week and follow the nutrition plan I create for you. It could not be easier. Plus I am there for you every step of the way as your personal motivation and success coach. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited training at my private facility 
  • Nutrition Plan 
  • Private Facebook group community to keep you motivated and connected with your new Sensei Fitness family 
  • Unlimited coaching to keep you motivated over the entire 12 weeks 
  • Weekly fitness challenges to get you to push you further than you thought you could go. 
  • Much, much more! 

This is no ordinary challenge. No sir. When you get on board with my Sensei Fitness Body Transformation, you not only get a brand new body – but you are in the running to win a Three FREE months of training for you AND a guest! That’s right, you are literally getting free training to continue your new lifestyle and keep going further than you ever thought you could! You will be able to invite a new member to come on with you and to keep motivating each other. 

The Challenge


The participant with the best score after the 12 weeks wins a whole year of free bootcamp training! 

Each participants score is broken down in 3 equal sections: 


33.3% is our weekly fitness challenges:

No matter which day you come to class, you will be able to compete in our weekly challenges that vary each week and are suitable for all fitness levels! You will know ahead of time what each challenge will be, so you can prepare yourself and practice at home. 


33.3% is based off of how much weight you lose: 

Some participants wish to lose 50+ pounds, some wish to lose 5 pounds. 


33.3% is based off of how much body fat percentage you lose:

If you start at 80% body fat and at the end of the 12 weeks end at 40% body fat, you have lost 50% of your body fat. 


The participant with the best score after the 12 weeks wins THREE FREE MONTHS OF BOOTCAMP TRAINING FOR YOU AND A GUEST!


Full Time Members:

3 payments of $30 spread 30 days apart

Full Time Members


3 payments of $139 spread 30 days apart


Zero Risk

 How confident am I that my program will change your life? I am so sure that my program will help you get your energy back, make you strong, feel more confident, and becoming a better you in only 12 weeks that I am offering up a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right – If you follow my simple formula and are not happy with the results, I will refund every penny on your investment 

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